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Brainstorm Podcast

Just want to say thanks for listening to our show. We work hard to produce good, fun, skeptical content and hope that you enjoy it. If you want to support the podcast or any of our other projects you can find more information on our main website or go to our Patreon page at 

Mar 22, 2014

Original release date: March 22nd, 2014

Not much to say about this one, the second part of the episode we recorded on March 21, 2014. In this episode Lana, Mike, Destin, Justin, Dave, and I started talking about a few things but started in on feminism and things just kind of took off from there. By this point we'd all...

Mar 21, 2014

Original release date:March 21, 2014

In an episode that went off the rails more than a few times Lana, Mike, Destin, Justin, Dave and I manage to talk about evangelical Christians praying to resurrect people, GMOs, consciousness possessing cheerios and whether or not Wolverine is an atheist for the skeptical geek...

Mar 8, 2014

Raz, Destin and I talk about the Weyburn Wind Turbine, a child getting bullied out of starting a secular group in North Carolina, a Katy Perry video and Michael Shermer's baloney detection kit.We also introduce a new segment I'm calling the Skeptical Geek, in which we talk about atheists and skeptics in comics and...